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  1. Knickell

    Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Thanks Currybob. Not quite yet, hopefully optimistic though. I'm not counting on anything until I have the a signed invoice/contract in hand! Can't wait until I can officially update the forum with my build! ('ll give you a hint, it may or may not look like my profile pic)
  2. Knickell

    2021 STX F-150 sightings w/ first look at 18” gloss black wheels

    If you are referring to the STX in the Velocity Blue color, those are the optional 20" wheels.
  3. Knickell

    Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Thank you Ilkhan and Crapblaster. That's what I was thinking too, just wanted to make certain. I have been advised that my dealer will "lock in" the current rebates of apply the ones available at time of delivery, whichever is better. Alrighty, wish me luck on a simple process!
  4. Knickell

    Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Good afternoon everyone. I will be placing an order within a few days. I just wanted to reach out to the community for some advice. I feel like I'm getting a good deal with with dealership I've decided on. My price was determined by Ford X-plan and rebates. When I go in person, is it etiquette...
  5. Knickell

    Limited AWD vs Platinum 4WD Drivetrain

    Just reviewed my photos from the test drive event (again). Hopefully this helps you all out. If I’m understanding everyone correctly 4A is all four wheels and safe to use for normal driving? This is on a Lariat SuperCrew PowerBoost with the Chrome appearance and the FX4 packages
  6. Knickell

    Better long term reliability 5.0 w/ CD or PB??

    I’m still trying to educate myself on this as well. It appears the turbo EcoBoost engines (both 2.7L and 3.5L combined) consistently make up about two thirds of the share of engines going into F-150s. I would say that’s a pretty good sign so far. I had the chance to drive the 5.0 V8 and 2.7L...
  7. Knickell

    2021 STX F-150 sightings w/ first look at 18” gloss black wheels

    First in person shots of the 18” gloss black wheels / rims for the STX and Sport packages! Well done! I like those better than the blacked out 20”s.
  8. Knickell

    Latest 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    I cannot confirm, but I’d say it’s HIGHLY LIKELY there is an override of some sort. I’m pretty confident it’s government mandated. I work with cars a lot that have been wrecked, overheated, or otherwise disabled and the shifter won’t work. You may have to YouTube a tutorial, but every car I’ve...
  9. Knickell

    Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    Seems like that don’t show a full calendar for whatever reason. On the test drive signup page, the dates and venues change every couple of days. You’ll have to keep checking. Based off of the photos, it looks like there are at least a few different teams with different trucks in varying...
  10. Knickell

    Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    LARIAT SPORT INTERIOR!!!!! (If possible. Thank you, sir!)
  11. Knickell

    New PowerBoost Videos w/ New Info - Chassis, B&O Sound, Test Driving With Load

    Yes, it was fairly basic for the amount of speakers and the apparent quality of the sound. Still sounded good, but I did want some more adjustments too.
  12. Knickell

    New PowerBoost Videos w/ New Info - Chassis, B&O Sound, Test Driving With Load

    I consider myself a bit of an audiophile as well. I thought the headrest mounted speakers would be gimmicky, and not do much to enhance the sound. The Nissan Kicks attempted a similar feature with their Bose headrest mounted speakers. However, those were side firing and in my humble opinion...
  13. Knickell

    2021 F-150 underseat lock box bin

    You’re right, it doesn’t appear it will be completely flush after I saw it in person. Not sure if you can take it out. It looked pretty (at least meant to be) permanent.
  14. Knickell

    5.0L V8 Cylinder Deactivation

    If the YouTube post date is accurate (10/14/2020) for the date is was filmed around, I would probably defer to the video. The video talks with the “Chief Engineer” for the Gen. 14 F-150. I would say he would know more than the Ford representatives at the event. All of the reps. we’re great, but...
  15. Knickell

    MPG fuel economy stats for F-150 PowerBoost hybrid (at test drive event)

    They are driving them across country from event to event. Each Ford rep. is assigned a truck to drive.
  16. Knickell

    Secondary Color Option?

    The two-tone paint option is only available on certain base colors. For instance, Velocity Blue Metallic is not able to have a second color option with it.
  17. Knickell

    Review & answers from test drive event for 2021 F-150

    Any pics you can grab of a Lariat interior would be great. If they have a Lariat Sport, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grab some photos!
  18. Knickell

    Florida Ford Dealers

    Good afternoon guys! I’m getting to the point where placing an order for my 2021 F-150 is imminent, and I wanted to see if any of you all had any input on good experiences you’ve had with buying a vehicle from Ford dealers in Florida. Some of you on here already have been incredibly generous...
  19. Knickell

    2021 F-150 Real Life Sightings

    I stand corrected, you’re right on the KR.
  20. Knickell

    2021 F-150 underseat lock box bin

    Here it is again for reference. It looks like both could work, but you cannot do it in the build and price. It appears Ford has prohibited it for some reason with the gas only engines (5.0 V8 King Ranch). To answer the question about half being up half being down, it looked to me like the...