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  1. F150 XLT Sport Interior Color

    At least the Lariat sport adds some contrasting red color. XLT sport contrasts black with black.
  2. F150 XLT Sport Interior Color

    I feel your pain. Order the non sport interior and you can't have the console shifter. But you can choose interior color. Take the sport interior and you get the console shifter. But you can't choose interior color. Order the non sport interior and you get a lot of chrome. Order the sport...
  3. XLT payload?

    Has anyone noted payload yet on the sticker of an XLT making the rounds at the test drive events? For anyone going to these events please take photos of the payload stickers. Thank you
  4. Video: SYNC 4 in Action on F-150 12-Inch Screen

    Awesome, thank you. Did you happen to note the payload?
  5. Max payload capacity for Limited?

    This might literally be the first 2021 payload sticker posted on the web.
  6. Official 2021 F-150 HP, LB-FT, Payload & Towing Capacity Figures

    Hi Bob. Please check the payloads on as many of the door stickers as possible. This is an important deciding factor for many including myself. Thank you
  7. Powerboost or standard 3.5

    The numbers that came out today really made me second guess my choice of the PB. With the limited payload compared to the EB which actually saw an increase, by the time I option the truck the way I want, there won't be much payload left. In addition the EB got it's own power boost (pun...
  8. A look at the many 2021 F-150 interior colors

    Photo courtesy of NBNEWCAR: Lariat Interior I'm pleasantly surprised to see it's two-tone.
  9. Console/floor shifter

    Think so. As a matter of fact without the sport appearance package the XLT 302A includes a column shifter. The work surface is a stand alone option. If you have the sport appearance package and do not have the work surface you still get the floor shifter but I could not determine if it still...
  10. Official SMOKED QUARTZ 14th Gen F-150 Thread

    This is from the reveal. Looks like smoked quartz.
  11. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    It's working again for me today however it has even less options than previously. For example there are no interior colors shown in either XLT or Lariat that I tried. Previously 2 colors were in there but choosing either had no effect anyway. At least it's sort of working.
  12. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    Not for me, still opening 2020 B&P.
  13. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    Same for me. Must mean they are pulling it until it's actually ready.
  14. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    Clicking on the early builder link is either landing at the 2020 builder or an error page. Something seems to be happening.
  15. HDPP with Hybrid?

    Order guide says 3.5L V6 EcoBoost® (998) or 5.0L V8 (995) engine are REQUIRED for HDPP:
  16. Official CARBONIZED GRAY F-150 (2021+) Photos Thread

    It's an available color when building a Lariat in the new 2021 configurator:
  17. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    Why did they bother launching such a half baked builder? I can't even see what the various interiors look like and the lariat packages tab is a complete disaster containing packages from every trim. I'd rather have waited longer for something usable.
  18. Why order now vs wait?

    IMHO the big advantage of ordering one is getting it exactly the way you want it. The likelihood of finding one on the lot in the color combo you want with the specific options you want is remote. Sure you might get close but if you want it a certain way, ordering is the way to go. In that...
  19. Upfitter switch gone?

    I thought they were a Super Duty thing?