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  1. 2021 F-150 CANADA Order Guide

    It's confusing the way it's all laid out, but now thinking all the copilot assist features are included in 502A whether or not you have the 360cam or tow tech package, but if you want copilot assist free standing package with anything less than 502A equipment group then you need to have the 360...
  2. 2021 F-150 CANADA Order Guide

    Thanks for posting. A bit confused about one thing, can anyone shed any light on this? The CoPilot360 Assist is included on Lariat 502A and up, but then it says "requires 360cam or tow tech package. So are these features included or not? ★FORD CO-PILOT360™ ASSIST 2.0 (43B) Availability: ●...
  3. Review & answers from test drive event for 2021 F-150

    This is interesting. Wonder what trim or feature its part of? Might need the 360 camera to get it?
  4. Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    Anyone who has seen the lariat have any thoughts on the leather vs previous gen?
  5. 2021 F-150 Factory Wheel Well Liners (With and Without)

    I've read that the Husky brand wheel well liners cover more than OEM. Opted to not order them from factory, will look at options when the truck arrives.
  6. Max Recline Seat Release Date & Functionality?

    Good question but I'd bet even the passenger seat can't recline while in drive. Would appear as ford allowing a dangerous situation as the seatbelt and airbag would not properly function if the passenger decides to have a nap in the road. But maybe chance of a forscan hack?
  7. proximity sensors on front bumper? America/US/product/2021/f150/pdfs/2021-F-150-Technical-Specs.pdf This spec sheet says forward and reverse sensing systems are not standard but are available. Edit : nothing official but does look like front sensing is part of the Co-Pilot360...
  8. proximity sensors on front bumper?

    Any real life pics yes, but some renders don't. Understandable they'd omit some of those little details, especially if it detracts from looks, but odd they always show the rear sensors...
  9. proximity sensors on front bumper?

    From what i understand the Pre-Collision Assist uses a camera in the windshield, not the proximity sensors as these wouldn't have much range? Unless it now uses and includes both? Edit: I did look through several more pics online, seems MOST pics show the front sensors, and perhaps the ones...
  10. proximity sensors on front bumper?

    Is this actually from the F150 documentation? Otherwise it seems like a general CoPilot360 Tech blurb, but doesn't confirm anything on the 2021 F150. The 2020 had CoPilot360 but i don't think any of the trim levels or options had front bumper sensors. If you look at the Availability by...
  11. proximity sensors on front bumper?

    Posted the same thing yesterday. No replies, not sure anyone knows yet?
  12. Front parking sensors?

    While all the models have rear sensors, it appears only some of the 2021 models have front sensors. Some pics of XLTs, Lariats, and higher models show them, while some pics including of Lariats do not. The quick reference guide does mention front, side, and rear sensors *IF EQUIPPED. Does...
  13. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    @Granger Ford It was asked in another thread but not sure if you saw it - Trying to decide if i want the interior work surface. Wouldn't us it a lot, but might be handy once in a while. I realize it can't be down while driving, but any clue if having that option has drawbacks such as reducing...
  14. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    The configurator seems to be working a lot better now than it did yesterday. Guessing they may have taken it down temporarily to update. Hope the Canada site version launches soon.
  15. Interior Work Surface

    I had the exact same 2 questions. I assumed the shifter couldn't be lowered while driving, but would have loved the work surface if it could have been. Long drives with family, could have used it for setting food, or even spot for a small dog to sit (ya ya I know!). But since it can't be...