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  1. Finally got my bed setup: bed liner, tonneau cover, and bed divider.

    Does anyone know if the bed divider will work if you have a drop in bedliner? It looks like my bedliner added a little bit more bulk than I expected.
  2. Console shifter

    I had a Ram with the knob, and in every practical way it was better. More storage and out of the way. However, for reasons I can't explain, I would take the console shifter every time over the knob or column shifter. There is no practical reason for this, but I just like the feel of it better...
  3. Ford Launches VIN Specific Calculator! See your F-150's exact payload, GVWR, GCWR, and more!

    This is awesome. Would have saved me a lot of time looking at that spreadsheet when I bought. I have one question after typing all my info in. I'm fairly new to towing so maybe this is common knowledge to everyone but me. When I enter my passenger weight, the little information button says REF...
  4. Katzkin leather front window tint and blackout badges.

    Looks awesome! What white do you have?
  5. Who’s Happy!?!?

    It’s the best truck I’ve ever driven in spite of the few issues I’ve had. Forums are always placed where people go to find solutions to issues they are having or commiserate about what’s gone wrong. It doesn’t represent everyone’s experience with the truck I’m sure. It’s an amazing truck and you...
  6. Should I wait until 2022 model year?

    Wait for the 2022 model year. Let them take the year to get the kinks worked out. I bought an XLT Powerboost and it had a check engine light that wouldn't go away. It was on at test drive, and the dealership were confident they had fixed it before I took delivery. Two miles from the dealership...
  7. Add trailer tow mirrors To XLT 302A

    Wondering the same thing. It was the only option I couldn't find with everything else I wanted. I'm assuming you could buy the tow mirrors and attach them as long as they had the same cameras and such as the original mirrors (360 camera, etc.). I also would assume you would need the dealership...
  8. Swap my 2016 parts to my 2021?

    My tonneau from my 2017 XLT crew cab short bed fits perfectly on my 2021 XLT crew cab short bed. It appears the dimensions of the bed didn't change, or at least didn't change enough to make a difference. Not sure about the other things though.
  9. Preferred factory?

    Was your dealership specific on how they might go about fixing that?
  10. Extended Range Fuel Tank Necessity Question?

    Not a direct comparison, but I had a 2020 Ram with the 23 gallon tank after I had my 2017 XLT 2.7 with the 36 gallon tank, and I missed the bigger tank every time I pulled into a gas station. Didn't tow much, but it was nice to get a few weeks from a tank of gas and still having a little left as...
  11. Preferred factory?

    My doors are the same way! I thought maybe it was just the way it was supposed to be, as the doors are a bit harder to close than my 2017. Now that you say your dealership will fix that, I will be bringing it up to my dealership as well. Thanks!
  12. 2021 F-150 Payload Stickers

    Just curious...what options do you have to get that high of a payload?
  13. 2021 F-150 Payload Stickers

    2021 super crew XLT 3.5 Ecoboost with Max tow package.
  14. Got FSA Notice (21B08) today - reflash heated mirror and integrated trailer relay module

    Does anyone know what things like this can't be done using the over the air updates? I appreciate Ford fixing what is broken, and have no trouble going to the dealership for things like this, but just curious. When they talked about over the air updates, it sounded like stuff like this could be...
  15. B/O upgrade over stock audio worth it?

    It is significantly better than the stock system. I had a '21 Powerboost with the stock system, but that one had a check engine light that Ford engineers and the dealership couldn't figure out how to fix. The dealership took that one back and the replacement has the B&O 8 speaker system, and...
  16. Can someone explain the Eco Behavior Screen

    I wouldn’t have thought the non powerboost would have had that, but cool that it does!
  17. Can someone explain the Eco Behavior Screen

    I always thought maybe there was something more to it, but that makes sense. Thanks!
  18. Can someone explain the Eco Behavior Screen

    Just got a new XLT Powerboost and love it so far. I am confused by the eco screen though. Can anyone explain what exactly the percentages mean?