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  1. Amber DRLs?

    I also love the look of amber DRLs.. I enabled the turn signals and fogs as DRLs in forscan, and I think it looks a lot better already. Now I just need morimoto to make a headlight for the new f150s.. Lol
  2. Powerboost Propower and locking/double-honking/starting/parking/camping

    That's where it gets even more interesting. Even when the battery was at nearly 50%, it wouldn't charge while I let it idle in tow haul mode, or even when I held the gas to maintain 1,500 rpms. The truck decides whether it charges or not whether the battery is low or not. Very intriguing.
  3. Powerboost Propower and locking/double-honking/starting/parking/camping

    This thread had me curious, so I did some more messing around. I used forscan to data log a few parameters regarding the hybrid battery, and it is extremely interesting... I was mainly curious as to what the idle load on the battery was with nothing on/running, and when it called for the...
  4. Forscan to enable engine and transmission temperature on digital gauge cluster?

    Not sure on the motion sensors, but I do know that the headlights will turn on automatically when using rain sensing or intermittent settings. It takes a minute or two for them to come on, but they'll come on.
  5. XLT to Lariat up instrument cluster swap, can someone confirm part numbers?

    Let's swap! Lol, if only you had the truck already. I would gladly swap+cash anybody willing.
  6. XLT to Lariat up instrument cluster swap, can someone confirm part numbers?

    I am going to attempt swapping out the mid level instrument cluster with the fully digital version found in higher trims. I found this part from ford and it looks correct, but I was hoping someone could verify the part number before I order it. Has anybody successfully swapped these yet? Thanks!
  7. Forscan to enable engine and transmission temperature on digital gauge cluster?

    I tried doing this today, but for some reason I always get a service interrupt error when trying to modify the IPC module. BCM and a couple others work just fine, but IPC won't take changes for some reason. I ordered a new cable, hopefully that's the issue.
  8. Connecting to Ford Pass

    I would delete the truck from the app and try again. For what it's worth, my app works and I still can't get vehicle location to work in the app.
  9. Remote Start Not Working?

    That's odd... Mine is extremely responsive 95% of the time. When the button in the app starts the spinning animation, it's usually started within maybe 5 seconds or so. I use the app every morning to warm it up before I head to work whether it is cold/hot or not, just to get the oil moving...
  10. My journeys not recording with Ford Pass (on iPhone)

    Are you using Android auto/carplay? It will not work with either of those.
  11. Using the checkered sticker?

    Last I heard/read, 3rd quarter this year.
  12. HD frame and 9.75 rear end w/ 3.73 gears

    Very nice chart, thank you. I feel better knowing I have the thickest frame available on a supercrew. Lol
  13. Received my owners manual physical hard copy!!

    No. Unless you count the digital copy stored in the center stack screen.
  14. 18” Sport Wheels Powder Coated Matte Black

    I'm about 40 minutes southwest of Chicago. $50 a wheel is a steal!!!
  15. Random grommet looking piece fell from inside the tailgate?

    This piece fell out of the hole in the bottom of my tailgate where the wires enter into it a few days ago... Ever since it fell out, now about half of the time I close the tailgate, I get a pop-up on the dash telling me the gate was left open causing me to open and shut it a couple more times...
  16. Turning off heated seat and rear window defrost.

    You can change the remote start settings by going into Settings; vehicle; remote start setup.
  17. Powerboost Propower and locking/double-honking/starting/parking/camping

    Your mileage may vary, but my truck only makes the fan noise for 10-15 seconds every few minutes when I'm using low amounts of power (say below 7-800 watts). I don't think you'll have an issue!
  18. I might be "THAT guy"...

    Honestly, I wouldn't beat yourself up over it. The big factors are tongue weight, and weight distribution throughout your trailer (Don't have more weight behind the axle(s) than in front). Keeping the trailer level is another thing to try for. Below is how my truck will look here soon (Waiting...
  19. Powerboost Propower and locking/double-honking/starting/parking/camping

    You will get the double honk. I disabled mine with ForScan. No. Just today at work, I turned on generator mode to run a bunch of battery chargers for my tools. I locked the truck, and went into work (From the construction parking lot to where I was working). I went maybe 6-700' away, and I was...
  20. "Configurable Gauge selection" and "My View" resetting back to default after random times

    I made my own profile, but after 3 days, the issue returned. It's resetting almost every ignition cycle.